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    100% indoor-grown smokeable flower with the highest level of Terpenes.

At RVF Hemp, our smokable products are 100% indoor-grown in our environmentally controlled facilities, and then dried and cured using our Cold Drying technology which maintains the highest level of Terpenes. We can ensure consistency from one crop to the next as we grow and cure in fully controlled facilities under exacting specifications and protocols. 

When you rely on a product to help you feel better, you need to know that every time you buy that product you are getting the exact same thing. We provide that. With RVF Hemp products you won’t feel high, but you may feel better.

  1. RVF Black Cherry™ Flower | CBD | RVF Hemp
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Frequently asked questions

Hemp Flower are the tops of the hemp plant, or they are also called hemp flower buds. Premium Hemp Flower from RVF HEMP is natural dried flowers of hemp that contain CBD and a small dose of THC. Smokable hemp flowers are an excellent organic hemp product for your enjoyment!
No, Hemp Flower contains small dosage of THC (less than 0.3% THC). The absence of THC in the composition of hemp flowers eliminates the hemp intoxication effect.
Hemp Flower has many benefits because it helps improve sleep and decrease levels of stress and anxiety. The unique blend of CBD and Terpenes in organic Hemp plant Flower will help you relax and feel pleasant lightness.
You can buy the best CBD Hemp Flower in RVF HEMP. Here you will find a large selection of premium hemp flowers at the best price. We will excite you with our high-quality CBD Hemp Flowers!