• Pre-rolls

    Light up and feel better with a perfect burn from beginning to end without any of the work.

At RVF Hemp, our Pre-Rolls are made from the same flower bud that we sell in 1/8 oz to 1 oz packages. We do not use trim or leftover bits like many other companies use. We use equipment specifically designed to grind the flower to the perfect particle size and then we sift out all the bits of wood with a mechanical sifter with the perfect screen size. Our Pre-Rolls are packed in a semi-automatic shaker packer machine ensuring a consistent pack and a perfect burn from beginning to end.

Every Pre-Roll is hand inspected by our quality control staff and we believe our Pre-Rolls are the best value of all our smokable product as all the work is done for you and all you need to do is light up and feel better. When you smoke RVF Hemp you will not feel high, but you may feel better.

Frequently asked questions

CBD Pre Rolls are cone-shaped CBD joints that contains a cannabis flower in the middle. Smokable CBD Pre rolls contain CBD and low THC for your maximum relaxation and perfect joy!
CBD Pre Rolls help you feel relief and joy thanks to the power of natural hemp extract. CBD Pre roll also helps you relax, reduce stress and improve sleep to enjoy every moment!
Each CBD Pre Roll contains about 0.5 grams to 1 gram of Hemp Flower. We have a large selection of different CBD Pre Rolls to suit every taste and according to your needs!
You can always buy the best CBD Pre Rolls in RVF HEMP. Explore the world of CBD Pre Rolls joints and find CBD product that suits you best and will give you complete relaxation and peace of mind!