• CBD Softgels

    Vegan soft gels that use strain-specific full spectrum extract for a full entourage effect.

At RVF Hemp, we believe in the Entourage Effect: the idea that the combination of compounds found in a single plant are more effective when they remain together, instead of being broken down in the lab and then reconstituted with or without other additives. This is why many people love to smoke our strains, as it provides the fastest and most complete form of relief. But if smoking isn’t your thing, then our edible products are the next best thing. 

Our fresh-grown plant material goes from our state of the art facilities to the extractor, and we do a full and complete extraction of those compounds known as a strain-specific direct full spectrum extract. Once the Full Spectrum extract (oil) is separated, it is used in that exact form in all our edible products. Each of our soft gels contains 25mg of extract. We offer three varieties with unique cannabinoid and Terpene combinations in this form so you can find the one that is best for you. The only way to enjoy the benefits of the Entourage effect with edibles is to use products that are strain-specific direct full spectrum extract like in our Vegan Soft Gels.

Frequently asked questions

CBD Softgels are the best option with the right dosage of hemp plant extract for your body. Our CBD Oil Capsules are made from high quality hemp extract to give you a feeling of happiness and lightness.
The CBD Softgels begin to work quite quickly from 30 min to 2 hours. How quickly CBD Softgels work depends on your body's metabolism, so onset from CBD Oil Softgels will be different for each person.
You should start with a minimum dosage of 25 mg or 1 CBD Softgel per day. We advise you to pay attention to your body's reaction to determine the correct dosage of the CBD Softgels, and over time you will be able to adjust the dosage if there is such a need.
If you want to buy the best CBD Softgels, then pay attention to the assortment in RVF HEMP store. Our wide selection of CBD Softgels will surprise you with high quality according for excellent results!